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Collaborate With Us

Are you a local craft distiller, designer or artist? - we produce a range of limited edition local Lo:ki's which are unique to each country and showcase the best in local craftsmanship and design.

We would love to hear from you - Let's have some fun!

About Lo:ki & Co.

Lo:ki & Co. is a refreshing range of sparkling seltzers with a hint of natural fruit. We believe that sometimes less is more so we created Loki & Co. with low calories, low carbs, low sugar & naturally gluten free.

Lo:ki & Co. contains 4% alcohol and should always be enjoyed responsibly.

What's In A Name?


Loki is the ancient Norse god of mischief - starting out on our adventure we had three goals - the first was to create a great tasting, refreshing drink that was low in calories, carbs, sugar and contained no nasty stuff.


Secondly we wanted to have plenty of fun along the way - life is too short not to love what you do! 

Finally we wanted to meet and work with great people around the world - we collaborate with craft distillers, designers & artists in different countries to fulfil our dream of being global but also local - learning as we go and always staying curious..


Loki & co. hard seltzer in red berry, orange & mango, & apple & elderflower flavours in 33ml bottles