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Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories are in a can?

There are 100 calories per 330ml can of Loki & Co. Hard Seltzer.

What flavours are available?

Loki & Co. is sold in Strawberry & Lime, Orange & Mango, and Apple & Elderflower.

Is Loki & Co. gluten-free?

Absolutely! Loki & Co. is made using naturally gluten-free ingredients and safe for gluten-intolerant people and individuals with Coeliac disease. 

How much alcohol is in a can?

Each can contains 4% ABV (alcohol by volume). Loki & Co. is an alcoholic beverage and should only be consumed by individuals above the legal drinking age.

What are the main ingredients of Loki & Co. Hard Seltzer?

Our low-calorie seltzers are made with Irish natural mineral water, natural fruit flavours and a wine alcohol base – we do not add any artificial colour or flavours!

How should Loki & Co. be served?

Loki & Co. should be served chilled or over ice in a large goblet-style glass. Fresh fruit can also be added to complement each flavour's natural taste.

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