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5 Surprising Hard Seltzer Nutrition Facts You Should Know

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Hard Seltzer is a relatively new alcoholic phenomenon shaking up the drinks sector. But questions remain: Is hard seltzer healthy? Is it gluten-free? Is it suitable to drink on a diet? We here at Loki & Co. are delighted to be able to give an expert response to all of these questions and quandaries! After all, this will be a summer of seltzer!

Hard Seltzers Are Naturally Gluten-Free

A selection of gluten products: beer, cereal, grains, oats and more.

Did you know that most beer contains gluten? Some wines are even prone to gluten contamination as part of their production process. The Coeliac Society of Ireland reports that there are 50,000 people with Coeliac disease in Ireland and a further 400,000 who are gluten intolerant. These individuals can experience troubling symptoms such as digestive problems, bloating, and even headaches after consuming the ingredient. Luckily, most hard seltzers use coeliac-friendly ingredients such as water and cane sugar naturally. Our own Loki & Co. range is no exception; we're totally gluten-free!

Low in Calories

Woman on a diet measuring her waist with roll of tape.

Hard seltzer isn't a sugary and syrupy calorie bomb! They are naturally low-calorie and low-carbohydrate drinks, per Healthline. Dieting is becoming more common these days, with consumers opting for low-cal options in their drinks. A typical 330ml can of hard seltzer contains between just 80-100 calories, per Drinkwell. That's less than 5% of your daily recommended caloric intake.

Hard Seltzer's Main Ingredient is Sparkling Water

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning that it makes your body lose fluid. It's vital to keep balanced where possible by trying to consume water where possible when enjoying alcohol. Luckily, hard seltzer is unmistakably sparkling water-based. Enjoy a crisp and refreshing drink mixed with H2O and fewer additives than most drinks. Don't forget to have an actual glass of water between drinks when you can; moderation is key!

Lower ABV% Than Wine & Spirits

Graph illustrating respective ABV percentages of differing alcohols: hard seltzer 4.75%, unfortified wine 11.7%, vodka 40%.
ABV of Different Alcohol Types (Sources: Hard Seltzer News, MasterClass)

Loki & Co. may be a wine-based hard seltzer, but only contains 4% ABV (alcohol by volume). It's a lighter alternative for wine enthusiasts. Experts at MasterClass found that unfortified wines typically contain 11.6% ABV. On the other hand, Hard Seltzers typically have between 4.5 & 5% ABV according to Hard Seltzer News. However, as with any alcohol, hard seltzer should be enjoyed responsibly!

Low in Sugar!

Spoon full of sugar

Think hard seltzer will make you hyper? Think again! Most ingredients are naturally low in sugar. At Loki & Co., we want to make our drink as tasty as possible without adding ingredients at unhealthy levels. Low-sugar diets are becoming more and more popular each year due to a growing health trend in alcohol consumption.

All in all, hard seltzer will continue to make strides in the alcoholic drinks sector. As summer approaches, there is no better time to try it! Are you curious to learn more from the experts at Loki & Co.? Why not check out our blog section for the latest ideas, recipes, and expert opinions! Loki & Co. is an alcoholic beverage and should be enjoyed responsibly only by individuals over the legal drinking age. For more information on responsible drinking, see

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