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Loki & Co.'s Exciting New Sleek Can Design!

Loki & Co. are delighted to announce we’ve finally launched our new can design! Now Loki & Co hard seltzer will come in sleek, slim packaging, matching our #lokilife ideology that sometimes less more and low is key! Our new 100ml cans will now come in a taller, slim can – reflective of the low calories, and low sugar each drink contains.

Keep an eye out in future for when you can get your hands on our new cans!

What inspired our new can design?

As mentioned, the slimmer can is a better representation of the low calories and low sugar in each drink – we feel the slim and ‘lighter’ can matches the brand identity as a lighter alternative in the Ready-To-Drink (RTD) category.

From production to shelf - can design, production, logistics, and ultimately stocking is an extensive but highly interesting process. Combining the various creative and practical elements of can production we were able to come up with a design both practical and relevant to the Loki & Co. brand.

There’s plenty of creative and interesting benefits to a slim can design, both in terms of customer perception and branding, as well as the practical benefits in production an retail!

Looking at other brands and manufacturers it’s clear that the move to a slim can design is becoming more and more popular.

Retail efficiency

A sleek and slimmer can design allows more cans to be placed on shop shelves, as they occupy a smaller surface area. With shelves of standard height, retailers can leave more space on shelves, which can be used for a nicer aesthetic, or they can fit more cans on a shelf and thus less in backstock for efficiency purposes. With the extra space savings, it also means retailers can order more stock have it stored more efficiently!

Beverage chilling

As the liquid in the taller can has less diameter this means that the cans can be chilled in a fridge or cooler faster and more efficiently. From a physics perspective, this sleek can design means that cans have larger surface exposure - as the sides of the can are thinner and top and bottom are thicker!

Image appeal

Similar to how we mentioned that the slimmer can design matches the Loki & Co. brand, often brands prefer slimmer can design for similar reasoning. In 2011 Pepsi launched their “Skinny Can Campaign”, with the new design grabbing the eye of consumers whilst also appealing to the health-conscious customer. Psychologically, the design changes the perceived amount of liquid in a can and should make consumers less ‘guilty’ about finishing their favourite beverage.

Generally, brands have found that tall slim cans have become popular because they stand out. This sleek design is more likely to catch someone’s eye, especially if placed next to a thicker or standard can. Generally, a lot of the brands adopting slimmer can design produce low calorie beverages, again aligning with the slim and ‘less is more’ perception of the drink. Even though these cans hold the same amount of fluid, you feel better when you drink out of a slim can compared to a normal can. More and more brands are noticing these benefits and as a result are following suite!

Other brands are doing the same

Plenty of brands in other markets are noticing the aforementioned benefits of the sleek can design and adopting them too!

Coca Cola launched its new sleek cans just over 2 years ago – firstly with its diet coke range and a host of flavours in the US. After declining sales in the zero-calorie category, Coca Cola decided to appeal to the younger millennial market through its can redesign.

The new can design and shape was considered “sleek” and stylish and found to be easy to carry and nicer to hold. The new taller can is “stylish, sophisticated and contemporary

Also mentioned is the perception of fluid quantity in sleek vs thicker cans. As can be seen today, the sleek cans were highly successful and have been adopted across all Coca Cola’s product lines!

Even in smaller markets such as Brazil, Eklo Water changed their beverage from cartons to a sleek can design because of “portability, eye-catching design and overall durability”.

Within the alcohol market, countless other RTD brands are also moving to a sleek can design. Even in the beer market, Heineken are launching a sleek can design in certain markets to replace their traditional thicker original can design.

From smaller brands like Eklo, to the large brands such as Coca Cola – sleek can design is making its way into consumers hands from all angles and categories. Customers all over the world have demonstrated their preference for a sleek and slim can design, especially for lower calorie beverages!

To sum it up, the new Loki & Co. sleek cans have a range of benefits both practical, and aesthetic, as well as matching the brand ideology!

Loki & Co. is an Irish hard seltzer brand providing a refreshing range of low calorie sparkling seltzers. We believe that less is more and thus created Loki & Co. with low calories, low sugar, and natuarally gluten free. Check out our blog section to see our latest ideas, recipes, and expert opinions! Loki & Co. is an alcoholic beverage and should be enjoyed responsibly only by individuals over the legal drinking age. For more information on responsible drinking, see

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