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Six Gluten-Free Snacks & Brands You Must Know About

At Loki & Co., we pride ourselves on being “low-key” in how we make our drinks. Each can contains low sugar, calories, carbohydrates, and zero gluten! Offering a refreshing drink that is attentive to the dietary needs of 450,00 gluten-intolerant individuals is an essential part of our ethos, as we touched on how hard seltzers are gluten-free in another blog post. We’re delighted to continue shining a light on living with gluten intolerance & or coeliac disease by showcasing 6 gluten-free snacks & eateries that we have grown to love!

Keogh’s Crisps

There aren’t many more local-sounding brands than Keogh’s crisps to be honest. Ran by the Keogh family, their North Dublin farm has been churning out delicious coeliac-friendly crisps & popcorn for years now & has become a much-loved fixture on Irish shelves. They even run an online shop! The family behind the crisp are invested in sustainability, to the extent of reaching carbon-neutral status. Keogh’s snacks are perfect for the Gluten-free connoisseur! The range of crisps and popcorn come in so many delicious flavours and varieties; our favourites are:

  • Irish Atlantic Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar

  • Chorizo & Cherry Tomato

  • Mature Irish Cheese & Onion

  • Sweet Chilli

We recommend starting with Chorizo & Cherry Tomato!

Homespun Quinoa Cereals

Homespun, created by Erica Sheehan, is a breakfast cereal range inspired by a healthy diet lifestyle. The cereals are quinoa-based and give a unique blend of flavours such as:

  • Pecan & Cranberry

  • Goji Berry, Cashew, & Coconut

  • Cocoa, Cashew, & Hazelnut

The food range gives an alternative spin to cereals, a category that remains congested with wheat-based products. Initially produced for farmers’ markets in County Dublin, Homespun is now proudly displayed in several small independent retailers, alongside bigger chains such as Supervalu and Avoca! Erica’s journey with Homespun continues to take fascinating turns, even with some product availability in the UK & UAE. Any Gluten-free breakfast should strive to include Homespun!

Our favourite is the Cocoa, Cashew, & Hazelnut Quinoa Crunch!


Fakeaway favourites – Buttermilk Chicken Burger & Signature Spice Bag! Credit:

Fakeaway is a 100% no-gluten takeaway based in Beaumont. Right now, they’re closed while securing a permanent location & being mindful of coronavirus restrictions in Ireland. When Ireland’s first gluten-free takeaway opens again, we’ll be sure to enjoy it again! There’s something impressive about being the first of something; we’d know, considering Loki & Co. are Europe’s original hard seltzer brand!

Fakeaway specializes in gluten-free options from all corners of the world, such as satay chicken, chicken wings, loaded fries, chicken curry, & cajun chicken burgers. The popular food spot was started by Chef Adrian Martin when he and his partner Hannah found it challenging to order takeaway in Dublin that suited Hannah’s dietary requirements being a coeliac. Before Adrian & Hannah’s revelation, having a gluten-free takeaway was nearly impossible; no longer that such is the case!

Curious where to start? We love Fakeaway’s Buttermilk Chicken Burger with Loaded Fries!

The Bare Food Co.

A café close to our hearts here in Drogheda! The Bare Food Co. was launched in September 2015 with simple but crucial principles in mind: making clean, tasty, & fresh foods that play an essential role in a healthy lifestyle. Their menu is full of delicious treats & a promise to all coeliac & gluten-intolerant individuals that they will be catered for. We respect any business that wishes to create food & drink that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. The Bare Food Co. is one of our favourite lunch spots in Drogheda! Their food contains no artificial flavourings, preservatives, or sugars. Sounds familiar! It sounds like a nice pairing with our range of Loki & Co. hard seltzer, also free from artificial sugars & colours!

We love the sound of a can of Loki & Co. Strawberry & Lime paired with a Bare Food Co. gluten-free chocolate cake topped with fresh strawberries.

Scoop Dessert Parlour

Ah, dessert, who doesn’t love sweet after savoury? The perfect place to finish our blog post! Scoop Dessert Parlour on Aungier Street in Dublin city has caught our eye for their gluten-free crepes. A crepe is a favourite because you can put anything you want in it; fresh fruit, syrup, or maybe chocolate spread! It’s worth mentioning that not all of Scoop’s desserts are gluten-free, but the crepes are so good that we couldn’t possibly leave it out of our list! They also serve delicious artisanal coffee! Wondering where you can pick up one of these tasty Scoop zero-gluten treat? Pop into them on Aungier Street, or enjoy from the comfort of your own home with delivery from Deliveroo.

Loki & Co. Hard Seltzer

We saved our favourite until last. Loki & Co. Hard Seltzer is our exciting range of alcoholic drinks. They’re Europe’s original hard seltzer & have a dedication to remaining “low key”. Each can contains just 100 calories, low sugar, low carbs, & zero gluten! Each flavour brings a delicious fruit-inspired twist to the ready to drink category. Loki & Co. is available in strawberry & lime, apple & elderflower, & orange and mango. We are due to be stocked nationwide in Irish Lidl stores soon, so keep an eye out & follow us on social in the meantime! We’re active on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

That wraps up our post on Loki & Co.’s favourite gluten-free foods & eateries. Gluten intolerant people can savour each & every bite without worry. If you have any questions or comments about anything featured in this post, feel free to email us &

Loki & Co. is an alcoholic beverage & should only be purchased and consumed by individuals above the legal drinking age in their respective country. For more information on responsible consumption of alcohol, visit For more blog posts & industry news, visit our blog page

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